• Introducing Uncle Fun! Well, you probably know him already, anyway. A fixture in the Athens community, Todd has been filling in on the bass and generally putting the rest of us to shame with his musical abilities and his staunch Fundamentalist Dogma. For those of you who simply MUST stalk, he can often be found abusing drunks at Tony's, where he bartends.
  • Scott Karn , the drummer and Howard-Hughesian recluse, has, an actual girlfriend! Sorry but none of us believed him for a long time, it's still a bit of a shock.
  • Chris Glazier is a rock hard trooper to the bone da bone da bone de bone, full grown, consider him ... stone. Once again, and he'll say it for you to know, the troop is always ready, he yell "geronimo." Oops that was Chuck D. Close Enough.
  • Al Schmidt has gone completely and totally nuts, possibly because the stereo in his van bites. Avoid riling him at all costs.
  • Jenny Childers is wintering in Madagascar with new kid, Elliot, necessitating the recruitment of Uncle Fun. Jenny's press agent says she will be back with the spring release of her first rap album

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