The many moods of Sean.
Work it, Girl!
Biographical Note:

Sean Kelly was the original lead "singer" of Planet Of Pants. He did, in fact, concoct the monniker "Planet Of Pants" all by himself with almost no help from anyone else. After that, with the exception possibly of his song "Dada," Sean's contributions to the band more or less dried up, as he rested on his laurels and pursued other experiences as fleeting as being in a band. He ran for student council treasurer, and after losing he took it so hard he left the country for several years. Then, when Europe couldn't take it anymore, she handed him his walking papers and he ended up in Seattle, Washington, with nearly every other Athenian who has ever left town. He then worked for an internet marketing company but was recently deemed "overqualified" and now he spends his days collecting unemployment and obsessing over his health. Stick it to the man, Sean! Send Sean Kelly Email and he will forever plague your lives with errata.

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