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What follows is a whole bunch of pictures of us preening ourselves for the media. It may make you nauseous to continue. But if you do, understand you have even more options than ever on the Planet Of Pants Picture Page. Two new sections have been added, one that captures the band in performance, and another that compiles pictures of those we love (yes there are pictures of us on that page as well.

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Moving Right Along

Jenny won a free photo shoot for her "family," so we decided to take advantage of the situation and get more band pictures (we are so pretty to look at). But when we got to the AmeriHost (host, as it were, for the sessions), we found several thousand other "winners" waiting for the aforementioned prize. So instead, we headed for the Union Bar & Grill (where the elite meet to guzzle Schlitz), and forced Jen Holt, of Dutch Master Loaf fame, to take our picture. What you see below is the result:

The Good, the Bad, and Al

Shameless Self-Promotional Pictures!

Here are a couple shots of us loitering around some weird church. Click on the picture to download it. Then you will want to print it out, take it home with you, put it under your pillow and dream about us. Then your friends will want to do the same. Right?
Cast1 Cast2
Angie Coffin took these two pictures of us. Jenny is the one with the snide look on her face. Scott is the one who needs a haircut. Chris is the one who forgot to wear sunglasses in one of the pictures. Al has no hair.

Halloween at Ohio University

By an apparent clerical error Planet Of Pants was allowed on the massive stage (flatbed truck) during Halloween festivities at Ohio University. We played for about 45 minutes of our promised hour-and-a-half time allotment before we were asked to "Please STOP." We took this to mean that the overseers of the event had realized by that time we had reached our greatest moment of lucidity, and to continue the performance could only be anti-climactic. At any rate, below are some further proof of the event, whose audience was estimated around ten thousand at that point in the evening. Not bad, considering the attendance at our usual shows.
Lotsa Folks Pirate Jenny
The Sissy and Scott Der Audience

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