The day when MTV started I thought I was in heaven and I’d died Videoes well-suited my short attention span Got my first cocaine snort and I was wired

I spent my life in the early Eighties When Reagan and the Smurfs were here to stay I’m a child of the Me Generation Self-indulgent shit filled my days

Nuclear war The Jackson Tour The Fresh air Times Square

Ric Ocasek was my hero Scrawny long bad posture all the same He was kinda ugly and kinda dorky I was Hungry Like the Wolf and that’s my shame

John Belushi’s really dead now Three’s Company’s gone into repeats Tom Selleck and Don Jonson are trying to be movie stars Without their fashion pastels they’re just not complete

The Love Boat Sails The Contras wail Bad economy Police Acamedy

Take me back to your better days When the Clash headlined arena shows When everybody wondered what they meant by Freeze Frame And J. Geil’s girlfriend’s a centerfold

Rick Springfield
Bernie Goetz
Ollie North
Mr. T

I spent my life in the early Eighties When shuttles exploded in the sky Yuppies like bunnies multiplied in sin And Delta was just not safe to fly