How A Flyer Becomes A Law

Now, to take up a lot of space, what follows are some examples of our most-oft used form of marketing. We suspect the civillians see them, but we do not yet know if they actually help us get people at our shows or not. Anyhow, it gives us something to do.

We smite lazy workers
N is for Neville who died of enuui Invasion of POP BugattiType35 With ELIXIR Flamin' Lou Lenart Shut Up! We Can't Do It!

Below are Mike Levey, host of the brilliant series of infomercials known as Amazing Discoveries, and its successor, the aptly titled Ask Mike! In these shows, Mike acts like a complete idiot to prove the quality of the product and/or service he's hawking. Now his bosses, Positive Response Television (nice name, eh?), have his likeness guffawing on their website. I swiped 'em and made him endorse my band. We're hoping to get sued. Frankly, we need the publicity.

Mike Levey!

This is what the poster will look like when we take Hollywood by storm. Somebody will probably sue us for using this, too.


B-Movies: The Stuff of Flyers

Cannibal Girls!

Evil Dead POP



If you're not from Athens, Ohio, this next one may not make much sense. Come to think of it, even if you are from Athens, it might not, either.




Coming Soon: The Secrets of the Masons Revealed! Startling Facts About The No. 23! Keep Waiting! You Can Trust Us!

Or don't trust us, what do we care? Nyah!

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