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You want it, we got it! The new album by Planet Of Pants is here and you get to buy it, you lucky stiff! And now, our good friends at Doughboy Music, Inc., risk their wholesome good name to bring the panting cyberspace masses the ability to PURCHASE OUR CD ONLINE! Yes, just and, you can now use your handy and dandy credit card to buy our album. Soon they may be offering other selections from our "warehouse" (actually its just our house), so keep checking!
Doughboy Music

Must-Have Items:
Medium of Choice
Our first Compact Disc on FLUX (XXX) Records It contains all the secrets to happiness, plus all the music you always wanted to hear but couldn't figure out where to find it! Click on the album cover to buy it online fromDoughboy Music!
An actual Compact Disc from FLUX (XXX) Records (we don't know what the "xxx"'s are for, either) featuring 24 bands from all over Ohio (yes, even Cleveland)!! They'll be sound samples up when the cows come home! The best thing since home enema kits!
Wired/Rodan Single
The 7" Single from Planet Of Pants kowtows to people who actually come to our shows. It features two of our more popular songs, Wired and Rodan They're goin' like hotcakes! Actually, they're printed on hotcakes, so they're, like, practical!
POP Side
Spiveys Side
This 7" Single is Planet Of Pants' first entry into the world of recording media. The 45 rpm record contains the hit teen anthem, Flat Panagan. (Click Pat for a sample) On, as they say, "the flip side," we find Athenian embarrassments, The Spiveys, grimacing musically with Stinky's Theme (Click the Gimp for a sample). Reviewed favorably by Maximum Rock'n'Roll! Oh Boy!
AMP Comp
This full-length Compact Disc includes two songs each from 8 Athens bands: Planet Of Pants, Appalachian Death Ride, Geraldine, Norton's Orchestraville, Bargoyle, Alkaloid, Pretty Mighty Mighty, and Torque.
Ten Bucks
Flux Comp
Hold onto your lower digestive track! 23 tainted bands from Southeastern Ohio! Includes all the bands listed above plus Econothugs, Miss May '66, Pimpy Accelerator, Ultramidget, Mr. Hand, The In-Sect, and Beat Up Grandma!
Five Bucks

There may be audio samples above, but I find it's better not to say, one way or the other. If I had more server space, and perhaps more than a fleeting interest in this whole world wide web business, I might see about changing that. But why bother now?

To buy one or all of the above items, click here $ and specify amounts and stuff. Then, send us MONEY! Unless, of course, you're gonna just go to the Doughboy Music page and use the credit card! Do that, it's cheaper (don't tell anybody that it's only $8.99 through their site!)

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