Welcome to the shrine of the mostly defunct ...
Thanks to the decidedly odd server (and backup server) crash Frognet recently experienced, the Planet of Pants website is now 99% content-free!

WARNING! By your entry upon this site, we must make the following assumptions, dear surfer:
  • That aliens came to this planet long ago to bestow their ancient wisdom and know-how upon our measly race, allowing us to achieve such awe-inspiring accomplishments as the pyramids, velcro, and the "Program Length Commercial," and . . .
  • They came bearing pants.

Planet Of Pants is the apex result of this alien historical noodling. Our songs honor our alien overlords, and await the time they will return, not unlike Quetzalcoatl descending on the Toltecs, to offer us even more wisdom. Or at least some tips on ways to keep leather pants from chafing in summer.


This site still lists this site as though the band was still as active as Geraldine, and for that we love it. Come to think of it, we were never as active as Geraldine.

Well, I hope you're all happy. Because only people visited this site, we were unable to continue the band, due to lack of morale. We just didn't have it in us, folks. Try to cope with your guilt as best you can.
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